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“Exploring Light & Shadow” -A post by Proxy.

Exploring Light and ShadowOn the Westside of downtown Atlanta, on Peters street, in the Big House gallery, stringing across the curves of the room, across the walls, doors, and windows, the shadows slide in.  The next block up street vendors and performance artists hastily put together last minute details with the news of possibly 10,000 people predicted to descend upon the streets of Castleberry Art District for a night of FLUX.

I have memories of the FLUX projects, I’ve seen the performers running through the streets, we’ve watched the projectors throw discombobulated images across the buildings; I’ve eaten the questionable food that felt flat within my stomach.  But I’m not here for any of that. I’m here for the shadows.
Yesterday I was folded up and shoved in the back of a truck, wasn’t bad compared to the UPS journey I had just taken from up north a few weeks earlier. All that was behind me now, I was upright and had my post. The artwork was hung and we were ready.

2012 "Exploring the Shadows" Line up.

2012 “Exploring the Shadows” Line up.
Travis Dorn, Rusty McDonald, Jeffery Scott, Thomas Dodd, John Santerineross, & Nate Dorn

In it’s 2nd year ‘Exploring Light & Shadows’ had another stellar line up, with sir Thomas Dodd and the BrotherDorn leading this little group show of photo-manipulating misfits, the walls bore all sorts of inspirational images, from dark and disturbing to light and fantastical.  We were hard pressed to fill the shoes of last year’s veteran crew, with the likes of  John SanterinerossRusty McDonald (DividingMe), and one of my personal favorites, Jeffery Scott (1019). But the new class; Max Eremine, Craig Gum, Dwen Stuart, and Neon Armour Body Painting certainly held their own.  It’s always a challenge to get this much talent in one room, but when it happens, it’s amazing.

ProxyDorn steps in.

ProxyDorn steps in for the DornBrothers.

With the DornBrothers out of town on another assignment, it was up to me to hold their end down, I felt up to the task. We showed a portion of the “Black Curtain” series, another period project with musician Ben Lovett. The “Ghost of Old Highways” was truly epic and “Black Curtain” certainly raises the bar in a dark and mystical way.  I posed for pictures, told stories of the road, and tried my best to explain the work, and we sold lots of it!  We even sold a piece to one of the producers of the Walking Dead!  (Thank you Chris Lazar, S…. Jessica Sanchez & Chris Nic for being there to run sales!)  The Portraits of Thomas Dodd were as always painterly and impressive, Craig Gum’s semi-erotic and fun imagery was a big hit, Dwen Stuart acquired a lot of new fans and Max Eremine whose work mostly consist of fashion got to show off his surrealist side. But Stephanie Anderson’s (Neon Armour) body painting really set the stage.  She had 3 fully painted vixens walking around the gallery that patrons could not keep their eyes off of.  It was glorious. I’m so looking forward to the antics of next year’s Exploring Light & Shadow’s show, who knows what antics will play out!  If I survive the year, if I’m not burnt, packed away, destroyed, or stolen, I simply hope to be invited.


ProxyDorn with friends

ProxyDorn with friends


Ms. Anderson’s painted lovelies.


Exploring Light & Shadow

Mr. Dodd’s wall.

Exploring Light & Shadow

“Black Curtain” Love.

Exploring Light & Shadow

Ashley Roulette (FoxyRoulette) Represents Neon Armour Body Painting.


A large collection of the “Black Curtain” series will be show at the Kai Lin Art Galley in November, opening on the 8th.

“Exploring Light & Shadows” is an annul group show put together by The DornBrothers and Thomas Dodd for Atlanta Celebrates Photography, You can follow the artist of Exploring Light & Shadow on their facebook page:



Thomas, Max, and Dwen grab a photo op with ProxyDorn

2013 Exploring Light & Shadow's line up with a few others at the Castleberry Art Stroll.

2013 Exploring Light & Shadow’s line up with a few others at the Castleberry Art Stroll.

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