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Look’en might good in them All American jeans.

All American Cotton

When I first considered becoming a professional photographer/videographer, my lofty dreams immediately went to Annie Leibovitz, Terry Gilliam, and photographing girls on the beach.   Granted, I’m no Gilliam or Leibovitz and shooting girls on the beach is not as dreamy as it seems… Though they do make for pretty pictures and it’s still better than photographing carrots on a government-run industrial farm (no offense to you carrot shooters out there.)  But I digress…

Of the many video projects I got to work on this past year, this jeans shoot was certainly one of the more eye-catching ones. In conjunction with Tommy Crow Studios, we were hired to create imagery for a startup company that is making designer jeans with college logos embroidered on them, not a bad idea.  This company went through several name changes and logo designs before settling on All American Cotton, and after 4 or 5 photo shoots and some strategic marketing, they seem to be up and running.

So finally here I am, shooting girls (and some dudes) in jeans on the beach.  Have I arrived?  Well, I guess that answers changes from moment to moment, within DornBrothers Productions, we don’t generally shoot this kinda thing, but with this career path, you gotta be a little flexible.  The job called for me to create a promotional video that the company could display on their website and promote their ‘hip’ new designer jeans to colleges around the country.  The shoot was a bit trying at times, a little hot, (temperature wise) and involved a lot of ‘sun chasing’ looking for the “perfect” light for our subjects. The video was shot in this gorilla, run-n-gun type style, where Tommy Crow would set up the models for the stills then I’d jump in a direct some action for the video.   This made the editing of the video a little challenging, kinda like creating your own puzzle, by making and finding pieces that would fit together in a cool and cohesive way.   In order to make this spot fresh and hip, I had the opportunity to experiment with a bunch of colors, textures, and light leaks. We do this a lot already with our still photography, however, attempts to get the same effects on moving images is a whole different ballgame.   Like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro is a beast of a program with what seems like endless ways to put something together.  The more you use it, the more you learn and with a project like this, the more you play the more you can figure out what’s possible.

We shot most of this over a period of 4 or 5 months down in Rosemary Beach Florida.  Tommy Crow has a gallery down there and he was able to gather some of the local “talent”, many thanks to you lovely ladies (and dudes).  This was a really fun job to take on, fingers crossed for the next one.

Video Below:

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