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Riding with “Ghost”. On the Highway from Atlanta to Asheville

“Ghost Images” Behind the scenes images from the award winning short film Ghost of Old Highways. from Dorn Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

The LA Premier of “Ghost of Old Highways” would be pretty hard to top, but we brought it home to Atlanta where Christopher Campbell (DP) negotiated a few venues then led the charge to The Midtown Arts Center’s Landmark Theater!  Over the years the Landmark has been a great supporter of local filmmakers and artist, they also are host to the Atlanta Film festival, which attracts talented storytellers from all over the country, they were awesome to work with!  So, wheels in motion, The Dorns would get the whole lobby for the prints and the short film would get 2 theaters! (One for the film and one for the behind the scenes and other groundbreaking Lovett videos).The Lobby was big, but not a whole lot of available wall space for this type of show, we thought in order to create a “gallery like” feel, we would just have to make our own display walls, so we did.  One of the things we’ve enjoyed about our careers, as photographers/visual artist is, all the things we get to learn along way, some carpentry skills being one of them.  So after constructing two double sided, eight foot tall, freestanding “ T ” shaped displays and a eight by twelve foot side wall complete with trim, stain, and a gallery lighting system in place, we felt like the lobby had become a proper place to hang our work. (Special thanks to Bobb Lovett & Chris Campbell for the help, those things were heavy!)

Three Generations of Dorn

Landmark Manager, Kevin Ward, was super accommodating and equally excited to have this kind of take over in his theater.  Our man, Ben Lovett was bouncing around the room, even signing a few autographs along the way, Captain Dan Bush stood by his directors statement, subtly pointing at it if anyone had any questions as his wife Caroline the amazing wardrobe stylist, quietly avoided eye contact with the mannequin that had defeated her earlier in the day and steady cam Campbell just played it smooth as always. We’re not sure of the actual headcount through the night, but our dad, (Man-Dorn 1) was guessing around 3 to 400. The film ran every 15 mins for a little over 3 hours and there were almost always 20 to 75 people in the seats. The lobby had several moments of being overcrowded and as disgruntle solders and flirtatious, drunken, hussies worked the curious onlookers it was obvious that again, we (The Highway Crew) created something special.

Capt. Dan kicke'n back in the theater.

It was especially cool to see “Ghost of Old Highways” on the big screen, this was the first time that most of the crew actually got to see it and they were blown away, there might have even been a few tears shed. Considering all the talent, sacrifice and hard work that went into it, projects like these are few a far between, and project like this that are good are even fewer. It’s certainly a film to be proud of.

More Atlanta Event Photos Here:


Part 2

Ghost hits the Highway:


Satellite Gallery


The homecoming wouldn’t be complete without going to Asheville NC where a majority of the project was made.  So a few weeks later, we packed up the show and headed for the hills (sans our custom built display walls).  Anyone who knows Ben knows that he doesn’t like to do things small and being that Ben currently lives in Asheville only made the ante that much higher.
Ben had arranged for the Satellite Gallery to host the show.  Like the Carmichael in LA, the Satellite was a beautiful space with great lighting; our work seemed to almost jump off the walls!  The owner, Bill was also phenomenal to work with, a really strong supporter of ‘all things cool’.
So, to the best of my recollection, this is how the night went down.  Ben started off with a private screening at Moog Sound Lab and then Lovett and his hand picked band played most of the songs from The Highway Collection live.  And this when it gets really cool.  After the last song and a few announcements, tambourines, drums, and other noise makers were picked up and marched out the door into the street and up towards the art gallery, pauses were made for the band to jam on the corners and to sing to a restaurants patio.  The Lovett parade picked up a decent amount of followers and certainly turned every head within earshot.  We landed safely at the Satellite and had another amazing crowd pile in.  Again, we had a great deal of compliments and questions about our work; we even sold a few prints!  Somewhere along the night, I indirectly hired an intern to take a few hundred photos, thanks to whoever you are!


After a few hours at the Satellite gallery, the parade moved on to the Lexington Avenue Brewery, aka “The Lab”, where Ghost of Old Highways had a public screening that gave way to a late night old school dance party with Ben leading the charge.  I’m tempted to say, Lovett was in rare form, but knowing the commitment and energy that he puts into everything, was actually right in his element.
It really was an amazing night in Asheville and “Ghost of Old Highways” has had an amazing run.

More event photos from Asheville on our FaceBook Page:  HERE!


The Photography part of the show is STILL in Asheville at ‘Over Easy’ and big portion of the images will be opening up in Atlanta for SNAP!  A photography show at the Kai Lin Gallery in Buckhead!  Oct 28th – Dec. 3rd!   Join the Dorn Brothers for the opening this Friday, the 28th!

Ben Lovett at Moog Sound Lab

More Photos on our FaceBook Page

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Click to watch the Trailer!

Ghost of Old Highways Creative collective:

-Original music by & starring:  Ben Lovett

-Director:  Dan Bush

-Director of Photography:   J. Christopher Campbell

-Photographic art/stills:  The DornBrothers

-Costume Designer:  Caroline Dieter Bush

-Production Designer:    Jessee Clarkson

-Producer:  Jason Piccolo

-VFX Designed:  Michael McReynolds


A Conversation with Ben Lovett: Making \”Ghost of Old Highways\”


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