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Chasing The “Ghost of Old Highways” -Art Show Opening In LA

Culver City, California, just outside downtown Los Angeles:

It’s ten till six in the afternoon at the Carmichael Gallery and people are starting to line up outside.  Inside the gallery, the crew is still working on last minute details.  Dan Bush, Ben Lovett, and J Christopher Campbell are fine tuning the screening room, (looking for missing cords and plugs) the Geisha Girls (minus the one who got lost) are nearly finished with hair and make up, the solders are dressed, armed, and starting to sweat in their wool suits, management is busy with a last minute media blast and Caroline Dieter Bush and I are fighting a mannequin that doesn’t want to stand up.  All in all things are actually going pretty smoothly.

When the doors open, the “Ghost” crew relaxes and shifts into social mode.  Wave after wave of people enter, eager to discover exactly what this “Ghost of Old Highways” event is.  Music, art, film, props, and images of the behind the scenes magic filled the space to capacity.

“We’ve never really had anything like this before,” stated Seth Carmichael, the gallery owner, and certainly not at this level.  Everything fit seamlessly, from seeing the art, to watching the film, to hearing the music, and back to viewing the art again.  It all had a beautiful sense of camaraderie and a certain rare dynamic that could only happen when the right combination of image makers, musicians, and story tellers come together to create a singular vision.  It was pretty cool.


The film itself is intense and I feel there is no single way to describe it.  As it is said in the art world, “you can never own the meaning of your work” and this film certainly challenges the viewer to personalize and interpret what is meant by this journey.  The film is a 12-minute emotional dreamscape that has little to no dialogue and it may just be that lack of a spoon fed narrative that makes this short so powerful.  Driven by quick cuts, amazing visuals, and a compelling score, “Ghost of Old Highways”  is a story of a man at war with himself (this is my collective interpretation).  It’s a struggle with regrets, choices, outcomes, and the idea that even if you could change the past, would your life be any different?  Any better?  Or would you be the same person in just a slightly different reality?  Certainly one can say, we are the products of our choices, but I would submit that we are not always the products of our realities.

Ben Lovett, “Our Man” in the film, displays an incredible range of emotion as he struggles to find his way from one point to the next.  Lovett, also responsible for the score and the original song, “Ghost of Old Highways” from which the film based, is extremely close to this project and is the core motivator for the entire show.

As Travis stated in our last post, we got involved with the project because of our friend (the director) Dan Bush, who is the kind of person that seems to be at his best when times are the toughest.  It’s Dan’s vision, direction, experience and demeanor that really held things together during the filming of ‘Ghost’ and I think he may have even surprised himself after he sat down to watch it for the first time, complete with the score, claiming, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”

We were really motivated by the passion of everyone who worked on this project.  The music, the props and period costumes, the dynamic visuals in the film,  and all the talent and time put into it has been a labor of love that is paying off.   Of all the congratulations, comments, and dialogue sparked by this project, the resounding question I heard all night was, “How?”  “How was this photo made?”  “How much did this project cost?”  “How did you do this?”  “How many hours did it take?”  “How did this happen?”  The answer of course being, “If you surround yourself with creative, driven, and passionate people, you can do almost anything.”  This “Ghost of Old Highways” show is certainly a testament to that.

Capt. Dan & His lovely Caroline


We want to thank The Carmichael Gallery and crew for hosting our show on the first leg of this tour, You guys were awesome!

Truly looking forward to the Atlanta, Asheville, and New York Shows!


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Click to watch the Trailer!

Ghost of Old Highways Creative collective:

-Original music by & starring:  Ben Lovett

-Director:  Dan Bush

-Director of Photography:   J. Christopher Campbell

-Photographic art/stills:  The DornBrothers

-Costume Designer:  Caroline Dieter Bush

-Production Designer:    Jessee Clarkson

-Producer:  Jason Piccolo

-VFX Designed:  Michael McReynolds

See More Photos on our FaceBook Page

DornBrother LA art show invite
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