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“Ghost of Old Highways” -Premiere and Art Show Coming!

DornBrother LA art show invite

There’s a pretty cool independent film scene going on in Atlanta which we’ve been privileged to be a part of over the last several years.  One of the guys leading the charge is Dan Bush and when he asked us to help him on a music video for Ben Lovett, we were more then willing.  In doing this, we got to be behind the camera filming, acting in front of the camera, provide wardrobe for some of the characters and in the interim, take innumerable still photographs.  Dan’s music video also turned into a short film.

Capt. Dan

A Quick back story: Lovett has been on a roll with some amazing music videos from his self-produced album, “The Highway Collection”.  Two outstanding notables: “The Fear”, directed by our friend Dave Bruckner and “Eye of the Storm”, directed by Christopher Alender can also be found on this album.  However, a most impressive point worth stating is that everything has been done on a low or no budget deal; just a bunch of creative people pulling together to make something cool.

The first scene that we could help out with took place in a brothel.  There was opium and liquor surrounded by whores and greasy man sluts (Nate & I were the later).  When we weren’t involved in the action on screen, we were busily snapping stills of the cast and crew and, in the moments where we had a little time, we would set up a nice “art shot” that would later serve as pieces for our show.

The week following the brothel shoot, we found ourselves on a road trip to Asheville, NC where we would be shooting the bulk of the film.  Dan led us to a place where he had spent many family vacations in his youth.  The place was amazing; it was like stepping back in time.  I wish I could say that I remembered how we got there because it was truly breathtaking (I believe Dan actually took us on some extra roads, across random rivers, and through unnecessary tunnels.  I’m pretty sure that none of the crew could even tell you how to get back there).  Tons of gear was hauled up the mountain and while the shot count began rising, Chris Campbell (The DP), made it look like a walk in the park as he was strapped down with his steady cam rig holding a giant RED camera.  He moved across the mountain like a lanky, one-armed octopus.   The scenery was just fantastic, and as the the filming commenced,  we snapped as many shots as we could between & during takes.

During the two full days on the mountain, the filming was periodically dispersed by intermittent rain and other extreme conditions.  We did our best to keep the gear safe and I was rather surprised to see that the attitudes and steadfast determination to push on was not dismayed one bit… cuts, bruises, exhaustion , even when people began spraining their ankles… even after I got bayonetted in the knee, the attitude never swayed.  It’s true, during one of the more exhausting takes, I was behind the camera trying to capture more stills and not really paying attention as the actors playing soldiers ran up the mountainside towards us.  I was briefly distracted by the wind and as I returned focus towards the matter at hand, I was instantly greeted by a large, burly man thrusting a 140+ year old bayonet towards my leg.  As a reaction, I jumped and pulled my knee into the direct path of my assailant and thus added a new scar to my collection… along with a trip to the urgent care clinic, a tetanus shot, and a need for stitches (which, I didn’t get because it was too late).  This was a great team!
The final day was spent on the French Broad River where the filming was again delayed by the weather.  However, come Hell or high water we were going to finish. With our fearless leader Dan, directing cameras enveloped in plastic bags,  DPs covered by umbrellas and a half-drowned Ben Lovett fighting to perform, it was truly a test of wills.  There were some amazing moments in the making of Ghost.  It wasn’t always easy (or safe) but we were surrounded by creative people with tremendous work ethics and we can now all stand tall in the wonder of what was accomplished.

Premier and Art show opening in Los Angeles August 10th!!!

Atlanta, New York, and Asheville date TBA

DornBrothers Artwork will be posted after show opening! Check Back!

Your Comments are welcome! (bottom)

Click to watch the Trailer!

Ghost of Old Highways Creative collective:

-Original music by & starring:  Ben Lovett

-Director:  Dan Bush

-Director of Photography:   J. Christopher Campbell

-Photographic art/stills:  The DornBrothers

-Costume Designer:  Caroline Dieter Bush

-Production Designer:    Jessee Clarkson

-Producer:  Jason Piccolo

-VFX Designed:  Michael McReynolds

Pooped solders


“Trust Dr.Jessee”

The Producer


Green on the Mnt

In the river

cold Ben


Chasing Ghost

Running Solders


“Ghost Images” Behind the scenes images from the award winning short film Ghost of Old Highways. from Dorn Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

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One Response to ““Ghost of Old Highways” -Premiere and Art Show Coming!”

  1. Don Talley says:

    Great to see your photos. I was thrilled to have been an extra in the final day of shooting at the river. I was entirely impressed by the crew and cast. The professionalism, dedication, creativity…were tremendous. I was an extra in a a major film production a few years back (Songcatcher) and the crew on this shoot excelled in all aspects in comparison to the Songcatcher shoot.

    Can’t wait to see the film and more photos.
    Don Talley
    Black Mountain NC

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