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“PossumDiva” -Heather Luttrell

“PossumDiva” -Heather Luttrell

The very talented singer, songwriter, and blues woman Heather Luttrell recently contacted me to help her out with some new promotional photos for her upcoming album and tour.   At the time I wasn’t very familiar with her music or the style of photography she needed, but as she began to explain what she wanted, I got it pretty fast.

“I think we are gonna need a big tree with some rope swing like apparatuses, a pretty, sunny day and some shiny things.  A few instruments wouldn’t be a bad idea either… Oh, and a bottle of whiskey…. You smell what I am cookin’ dear?”

"PossumDiva" Style

Well, anytime someone hires us for a shoot involving whiskey, the gears start turning.  It’s not about getting smear-faced tanked and waking up in an abandoned car with a new Molly Hatchet tattoo on the bottom of your foot. No, it’s more of an artistic lifestyle that goes along with a certain hardnosed, down and dirty, gregarious way of life that so often accompanies blues and rock music.  Yes, I could smell what she was cooking.

Magic Tree of Choice

Heather has the nickname “PossumDiva.”  So it seemed fitting to have her all dolled up lying on a tree limb, possum style, with her instruments around her.  The tricky part was finding the magic tree. I spent a few afternoons driving around the city looking for the perfect tree for our photo shoo and there are some really amazing and fantastic trees here in Atlanta. The next tricky part was getting permission; when I find the tree, will we be aloud to use it?

There was a tree that Travis had discovered many years ago and we had used for a quick shoot with the Dead Confederate boys, but I didn’t know who’s property it was on or if we’d get in trouble for bringing a bunch of photo gear and instruments to it. Well, I thought about what one of my college professors once said, “If anyone in my class gets arrested for creating art out in public, then they get an “A” for the semester.” Well, I’m not in collage any more, but art is still art and this was the most magnificent tree I knew of… yeah, “Whiskey”.

Some my possum "favs"

20 feet up

Blues Diva

Woolen nymph pic

A little assistance please...

"PossumDiva" Style

Tools of the trade

Out on a Possum Limb

We spent maybe 40 minutes prepping the shot then went for it. I brought a 12-foot ladder that barley got us into the tree and then later I used it to shoot from. Heather has fair skin, tattoos, and crazy red hair, so she really stood out against the wooded background. After a series of poses from around the tree, I threw on the ol’ fisheye and climbed up in the tree with her (these ended up being some of my favorites).

Though we had a few middle school girls spying on us, I’m happy to report, there were no arrests that day.  And as for our lovely “PossumDiva”,  “I really do love them all… no photographer has ever hit that ratio before by the way!”

-For more on Heather Luttrell and her music, please check out her fan page and website:

"PossumDiva" Heather Luttrell

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